One-day tours

The Spreewald is an area great for paddling located 100 kilometers south of Berlin, and 100 kilometers north of Dresden, with a size of 500 km² and 1575 kilometers of waterways. About 457 kilometers can be used for kayaking. The waterways in the Spreewald look like a spider’s web or a labyrinth. That is why there are a lot of different possibilities for a canoeist to experience the nature. Tours can last two hours but also several days, there are round tours, or one-way tours to Berlin.

You tell us how long you want to paddle and we will arrange your tour.

from two-hour to three-hour tour

One of the shortest tours lasts two or three hours. On this tour you paddle through the nature to the Spreewald village Lehde and on the waterway “Lehder Graben”, the main “street” of the …

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from 4-hour to 5-hour tour

On these tours there a many different possibilities to discover the labyrinth of waterways in the Spreewald. You can experience the area of "Bürger- and Wotschofskawald". These tours are perfect if …

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from 6-hour to 7-hour tour

The tour through the High Forest is one of the most beautiful and mystical tours in the Spreewald. On this tour you go kayaking on the “Leiper Graben” into the High Forest and explore it on the …

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