Paddling with a punt in the Spreewald

Paddling with a punt  in the Spreewald Steering a punt with paddles is fun and always an adventure on your school trip,  a birthday party, a bachelorette party, or a trip with your colleagues.

  • length:               9,50 m
  • width:                1,90 m
  • steered:            by a guide
  • capacity:          32 persons
  • maiden trip:   July 3, 2010

All in the same boat/punt and everybody is paddling.

Price list

instruction, steering by a guide, paddles and life jackets if wanted are

die 1. Stunde der Paddelkahnjede weitere Stunde bis 20 Pers.jede weitere Stunde ab 21 Pers.
Paddelkahn ,,WMR-Spreewald"90.00 €80.00 €90.00 €

We offer different prices for school classes.